Twangles, The Christmas Squid

by Jason Morris

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Christmas day used to be like any other day
it never snowed and no one came in a sleigh
to the bottom of the ocean where the city of atlantis lay
so quiet, so stil
so cheerless until the day you came

Twangles, the Christmas Squid
He's the squishiest squid that ever did
bring presents to the people in the places down below
Twangles, the Christmas Squid
He's the cephalopod bringing toys to kids
in the underwater city where santa cannot go

In the sea, we would celebrate the holiday
with christmas kelp and seaweed cakes
used to be the we never had a Christmas play
and never saw a matinee of it's a wonderful life
but then you swam by and changed everything

In his super-secret lair near the marianas trench
his squidlings build such wondrous toys with just a hammer and a wrench
For sixty cents a day, the squidlings slave away

People say that he's a magic creature from another world who brings us joy on
Christmas day full of presents for the children who are well-behaved and always listen
to their moms and dads
but the kids who are bad
get inked in the face..


released December 12, 2008
Art by the talented Kim Johnson.




Jason Morris Chicago, Illinois

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